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The Hallucigenia Project


There’s a mystery hidden deep within us all…

Former police officer John Richter’s life is falling apart. His marriage is broken, the money’s run out, nightmares taunt him night after night and his only friend in the world is a rescue cat called Bobbie. When a mysterious client offers him a missing persons job in the city of Miami however, it seems there might be some hope yet.

Neuroscientist Candice Garland is part of a secret government research team investigating a strange code hidden in blood, but when sinister events begin to unfold she’s forced to question just what it is they’re about to unleash. A rogue doctor may hold the answers she’s looking for, but finding him won't be easy.

Together they must inflitrate the cult calling themselves The Hallucigenia Project, and they're soon swept into a heart pulsing journey to unravel the true meaning of the code as all around them the world balances on the brink of destruction. At stake is far more than life and death however, and with Bobbie by their side the race is on to discover the wonder of our place amongst the stars.

Can John and Candice unravel the secrets of the message hidden deep within us all?

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See The City Red

When the Antichrist comes to town, bad things can happen.


In a bustling metropolis verging on the edge of chaos all Peter Gold wants is the chance for a simple life with his wife and young daughter. When two strangers appear one evening however, a sudden act of sickening violence destroys everything he has ever loved. Desperate to find out why his life was destroyed, his quest takes him into the dark heart of the city streets where pieces of a blood soaked puzzle begin to lead him to a confrontation beyond anything he could have imagined.

Drawn into this labyrinth is Special Agent Anna Sloan, whose role in front line government sanctioned religion control is about to become even more dangerous when it’s announced the city will be hosting a special visit from the First Lady of Mars. She’s already had a gutful of the crime and terror, is sick of watching society tear itself apart, but even with all her training and experience nothing will prepare her for the devastation that will come when the city turns red.


What secrets does the First Lady of Mars hold for the people of Earth?

See The City Red is a no holds barred dystopian horror thriller that is as relentless as it is thought provoking, and certainly not for the faint of heart.

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Dust And Devils


Not all serial killers hide in the dark...

Eddie is overworked, heartbroken and about to take the trip of a lifetime on an old bus with two of his best friends. What he doesn't know is that he will be drawn into a world of violence, murder and mayhem, and become witness to possibly the darkest day in Australia's criminal history. Amongst the sun drenched chaos, he may even rediscover love.

Dust and Devils. A journey into the dark heart of Australia where survival means bending the rules of friendship, the line between good and evil is blown away with stinging dust and love is soaked in blood.

Broken hearts, rebel bikers, open roads and serial killers. Strap yourself in and come for the ride with those who dance with the Dust and Devils.


The Apocalypse Show


Grab your ticket, dim the lights, open the pages and let the flames of the Apocalypse tickle your senses.

Follow the golden medallion through six revelations of novella madness and reality bending stories that will bring a smile to your fear.

A literary cabaret featuring dusty aliens and unlucky drug dealers, a nasty seaside town, the dark side of the music industry and a computer that loves to play games, there'll be little hope in stopping the images following you across the wall of sleep...

Welcome to The Apocalypse Show, where seemingly unrelated events bring together the pieces that shape the beginning of the end.

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