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"How many years it must have taken to write this book I can but imagine. What a thrill ride! Wow!" - The Hallucigenia Project.

"...the stars are not as silent as they seem..." This dystopian thriller is a fantastic blend of suspense, twists, and turns, with strong, well-drawn characters and effortless world building. Woven throughout the fast paced, hands on action is a deeply considered philosophy that challenges and inspires you to consider humanity's past, present, and future - and your own part in it.
"If humanity were to end tomorrow, what would the eulogy read?"
Definitely worth spending time with this book. - The Hallucigenia Project.

"Loved this latest novel from Darren Kasenkow. The author has a very descriptive and intriguing ability to describe violence which sets a scene, but does not make me uncomfortable in what occurs. It follows the story of Peter Gold who has become a victim in a vendetta style justice system that is heavily reliant on a faulty sophisticated surveillance. Darren Kasenkow mixes science fiction into a suspenseful narrative, that taps into the spirit of Ayn Rand in an Orwellian setting, as to what happens to innocent people who are forced to become criminals and have nowhere to hide." - See The City Red.

"Having read the authors other titles, I was excited to get started on this one! And I was not disappointed! Excellent plot,well developed characters and a great read that kept me intrigued right to the very end." - See The City Red.

"This book draws you in as a classy thriller, the language smooth and with characters you want to know better. Its underlying tangled premise tangling consistently challenges and you find yourself at times reluctantly seeing both sides. Then it takes a sci-fi twist, throws in a well written dose of disturbing horror and ramps up the action.
Can't wait for the next one." - See The City Red.

"Original story, great characters - plenty of late nights reading - just couldn't put it down! Haven't read a book in ages but was drawn to the cover and blurb. It's restored my lost passion for reading and I'm stoked to see this author has two more books. If they're anything like this one, I'm in for another mind bending ride. Do yourself a favour - get it!!" - See The City Red.

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