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What strange times we find ourselves in…

As an author of dystopian fiction, I use imagination to invoke dark scenarios and unsettling landscapes that take over dreams and whisper in my ear during moments of quiet contemplation. Work on Godless has taken me to mindscapes I never thought possible but simple, predictable life beyond the front door has always helped balance the precarious ship of thoughts and soften the turbulent seas for moments of calm waters and clear skies… only now, fair weather has been snatched away. The world, it seems, is going through some painful changes and the research and world building of Godless has now become my sanctuary.

There’s been a little too much vodka to be sure, and a treasure trove of frustrations and aimless wanderings through the house while trying to work out a particular scene, but the book is almost complete. It’s definitely darker and most certainly heavier than The Hallucigenia Project, but I’m hoping it’ll grab you from the first page and refuse to let go. It’s going to be a cold and frantic Winter here in Australia, with art work for the cover to be designed and a whole lot of editing to be done once the last couple of chapters are finished, so I’m pretty sure my relationship with sleep might become a little rocky for a while…

I like to believe that at the core of my stories there is hope to be found. My characters are put through heartbreakingly difficult times, but it is this very hope that ignites their desire to chase life in a world gone mad, to witness all the wrong around them and yet find the strength needed to do what is right. This strength never comes easy, but that's what makes it so precious. I’ve been asked if I’m a little worried about releasing such a dark sequel when cities across the world are suffering from the fallout of a global pandemic, based on the belief that people won’t want to read an apocalyptic, dystopian thriller as they pick up the pieces and rebuild society. It’s a fair question most definitely but, as dark as my stories are, they are ultimately stories of hope and I can’t help but feel the time for a little hope is right now.

Besides, who doesn’t like a nightmare that can twist and turn into a little magic?

The world might be going mad. It may kick, scream and change in ways we never saw coming. One thing is for sure though, it’s also the perfect opportunity to rebuild ourselves from the inside. Now is the time to audit all those things we thought brought happiness and cull all that proved to be little more than illusions, and it’s also the time to remember we have but one life to live. Look up and you’ll find a billion galaxies, look in and the world becomes elusive electricity and quantum mysteries. Somewhere in between stand you and I, and we’ve been given the chance to dance amongst matter with tailored machines that carry our… something. The world might be going mad, but the chaos all around is the perfect treasure map to help us discover the greatest treasure of all – our meaning.

Speaking of which, time to get back to writing….

Stay safe,


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